Maria Lobova


Citizen KN founder Maria Lobova, brings a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur and innovator.

Welcome to the story behind my journey! I never thought I’d say this but St. Kitts and Nevis is a place where I found my centre of gravity. Perhaps, you could share the wonders of living and investing in the beautiful twin island Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis too.

My own journey began here 5 years ago when I took up the position of development director for a Henley & Partners. I fell in love with the natural beauty of the country, and discovered many untapped investment opportunities. So, settling in St. Kitts was a no-brainer.

Having become a citizen myself, I know first-hand that the journey to citizenship can be fraught with unforeseeable circumstances. I serve to guide you through this process and try to make it an enjoyable one at that. As a property and leisure investor, I know there are a myriad unexplored opportunity here, just waiting to be connected to the right person.

With the benefit of international business experience, I established Mill Coffee Shop and Atlantic Heights, commercial and residential center, as well as initiated investment in the White House Resort & Gardens, a historical plantation inn. My quest for cutting edge innovation has also seen me breaking new ground with the introduction of blockchain to the Federation. All made possible by virtue of an excellent network of domestic and international relations.

I am currently officially representing the Nevis Island Administration’s interests in Russia and Eastern Europe through NIPA (Nevis Investment Promotion Agency) and am in charge of promoting business opportunities on the island of Nevis in banking, education, infrastructure, information technology and tourism.

This combined experience of analysing the market potential along with bringing projects to profitable fruition, has given me a sharp appreciation of knowing how to match investment ambition with the best suited opportunity.
At Citizen KN, we can achieve a smooth transition towards citizenship by developing a portfolio that best meets your needs.