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Citizen KN offers a tailored service facilitating a smooth and seamless transition towards achieving citizenship in one of the most beautiful islands in the world. We know that logistics and navigating bureaucracy can be both time consuming and frustrating. At Citizen KN we create a smooth highway to accelerate your journey towards your mission of achieving citizenship.

With experts in all fields, including advisers with long experience living in the Federation, we provide a responsive service dedicated to exceeding expectations. Call now to speak to one of our expert advisers or email at: inquiry@citizen.kn.

Group 21.1
Citizenship is a special connection between a person and a country. As a proud people we cherish our citizenship. We want those who are fortunate and privileged to obtain our citizenship to have an enduring, productive and positive relationship with Saint Kitts and Nevis. We invite them to help us make our beautiful country a prosperous country, which has now become theirs also by bringing new skills, further investments and they must be of good character and repute. We aim high and we want the most discerning citizens to help us reinforce the platinum standards.
Prime Minister
Dr. The Honorable Timothy Harris
St. Kitts and Nevis

There are thousands of economic citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis that have yet to establish a genuine link to the Federation. Our local knowledge and international expertise enables those citizens to develop embedded relationships and to capitalize on the many investment opportunities available.

Our goal is to integrate existing economic citizens into the life and culture of the Federation and to facilitate post-citizenship investments supported by portfolios highlighting established and emerging opportunities.

Group 21.1
I want to invite you on a journey into my world so that you too can share the wonders of living and investing in the beautiful twin island Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.
Maria Lobova
Citizen KN founder
Find out more about my own journey here

Strengthening the identity of economic citizens through pride of place

Group 8

Facilitating a smooth and effective citizenship application process

Group 3

Empowering investment through knowledge

Group 7

Unleashing the economic potential of the region

Group 6

Focusing on sustainability and transformation

Group 5

Improving infrastructure, culture & lifestyle

Real Estate Investment
Post-Citizenship Services
Atlantic Heights

We can provide a service that enables a smooth transition through the protocols. This includes:

  • Undertaking due diligence on project ideas and consultancy
  • Preparing documentation for government approval such as the St. Kitts & Nevis Investment Promotion Agency

A sound financial and legal framework within which to operate is fundamental for your ongoing success. To this end, we can provide:

  • Providing advice and guidance including business planning, tax and legal advice
  • Facilitating meetings with key personnel including banking and corporate services

We want to ensure that you maximise your investment by providing advice and support to enable you to do this. This includes:

  • Architecture, Design, Construction and Landscaping
  • Apartment rental and Property Management services
  • Work Permit facilitation and Human Resources

Quality of life is important and this means having services that enhance this at your fingertips. We can provide you with:

  • Event management to include private chefs
  • Travel assistance and concierge services
  • Personal driver and personal trainer
  • Baby-sitting and house-keeping
  • Yachting support

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+1 869 762 0131